Photo-Etching, electrocasting and punching for thin plate by Meltec


Photo-Etching, electrocasting and punching for thin plate by Meltec

In photo etching process, pattern is made on the thin metal plate by chemical method (Through hole or half etching). Low initial cost, quick delivery and no burr/mechanical stress/work hardening.

Other than general photo etching, we are able to work on precise etching to hard-to-fabricate material and form.
In house start-to-finish production of adittional composite process to etching is also available start

List of photo etching process:
1) Metal etching (SUS, Cu, Fe, Ni and etc.)
2) Precise hybrid etching (Etching + electroforming to unique patent material.)
3) Etching to special material (Mo, Ti, Al, W and etc.)
4) 3D etching (etching to curved surface)
5) Composite process (In house start-to-finish production from etching to secondary process)
6) Thin film etching (Thin layer metal is vapor deposited to various base material and then chemical etched to make pattern) => See another page. Click Etching of thin layer metal of contens for more info.

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1) Metal etching (SUS, Cu, Fe, Ni and etc.)

shim and spacer

Beryllium copper heat treated products

Mesh and madreporic plate

Etching for aluminum plate

Technology highlights

  • t=0.005 to t=1.0, max size 600×1100
  • t≦ stamping out width (Generally more than 1.5 times of thickness)Minimum stamping out with for mass production is around 0.07.
  • t≧ remaining width(Minimum width is 70% of thickness)
  • Various process : both sides etching, one side etching and half etching.
  • For beryllium copper, in-house production from rust, prevention of discoloration to heat treatment is available.
    High flatness of Be-Cu can be kept even after heat treatment
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Processible materials

  • Stainless steel, copper, iron, nickel, nichrome and etc.
Material thickness(t) Miin. stamping out width(D) Min. remaining width
Less than t=0.05 To be decided according to trial process. To be decided according to trial process.

Over t=0.05

t×100% t×around 70%
Side edge(S)
Normal etching Under etching Over etching
t×10-20% t×15-30% t× around -5%
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2).Precise hybrid etching (Etching + electroforming)

Alternative processing technology for electroforming.

To achieve more precise form, our unique three layer metal Ni-Cu-Ni(patent material) is processed by etching + eltroforming.

◆Min. opening width: 0.03mm(material t=0.07mm)

◆Opening dimention accuracy: +/-0.003mm (material t is less than 0.1mm)


◆Material: Nickel crad

◆Available from t=0.04 to t=0.2mm


Step form can be easily made!

 Aspect of step form =>  

«Technology features»
・Shape stability:
Tolerance+/-0.003. Aspect ratio is more than 1:2.
Shape stability is higher than that of electroforming

Three layer annealed metal material (Ni-Cu-Ni) solves warping problem of electroforming.

・Mass production:
Lower cost than electroforming process.

 Metal mask for film formation/Scale for encoder/Optical mask(black treatment)

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Hybrid model (Ni-Cu-Ni three layer metal) of scale for encoder

In house production from materal to processing to achive high-precision metal product.


«Technology highlights»
●As processing accuracy gets higher at nickel layer, more precise etching is possible.
●As each layer is etched, three layer structure makes opening difference between top and bottom smaller.

Please see scale for encoder: Hybrid for more information.

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3.Etching to special materials(Mo/Ti/Al/W etc.)

Etching to special materials to molybdenum/titanium/alminum/tungsten(Mo/Ti/Al/W etc.)

Etching to special materials is available.
Please contact us about elgiloy/inconel/hastelloy and other special materials, too.

Etching example of


Min.hole dia.0.02
 thickness tolerance
0.01  ±0.004
0.02  ±0.007
0.05  ±0.010
 0.10 ±0.015
 0.15 ±0.020
 0.30 ±0.030
 Titanium(Ti)  Alminum(Al)

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4) 3D etching

3D etching (etching to curved surface)

Extremely difficult etching process to curved and 3D surface has been achieved. Etching including half-etching to stick form and curved surface (inside and outside) is possible.

Etching to all-round surface of round bar

Etching to all-round inside surface

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Example of etching to edge face of material

Etching to edge face

Polyimide heater

Internal integrated production from design support/die making to final product is possible.

Technology highlights

  • Design support: CAD drawing prepared from product drawing.
  • Die making: for stamping/bending
  • Etching
  • Stamping: for stamping/bending
  • Edge face finishing: barrel-polishing/shaving treatment
  • Spot-welding
  • Thermo compression (Diffusion bonding)
  • Umber(Inver) is available from our standing inventory.
  • Others: plate processing/DLC coating
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5) Composite(Secondary) process to etching

In-house production of all the process is possible.
Diffusion bonding/punching(bending work)/insert molding/spot welding/plating/black treatment (metal)/rolling/heat treatment/adhesion/design and making of a die.

Bending + welding  Spot welding/rolling/bending
Bending + welding after etching. Support for design of die for stamping/bending process.
(Make CAD drawing based on
  • manufacturing drawing)
  Diffusion bonding   High functional black treatment
 Perfect bonding resulting from atomicdiffusion.   Various types of black treatment for low reflection and rust prevension.Able to respond to various needs.
Adhesion   Integral molding of metal and resin
  From spot welding to adhesion.
Attached by double-sided tape is possible.
Integral molding with resin after etching or electroforming. 
 Plating Machine processing
 Flexible surface treatment technology which applies to various characterisity.
Plating and special plating for special material/Rack and barrel types are available.
Designing and cutting work of
metal hub. 
 Wire-cutting Press-bending
Parts made by composite process of wire electric discharge and etching.  Bending process for
tiny etching product.
 Insert molding (star wheel)  Insert molsing (encoder disk)
Double teeth starwheel
(phase shifting type is available)
 Metal + Molded hub

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