Photo-Etching, electrocasting and punching for thin plate by Meltec

Composite process

Photo-Etching, electrocasting and punching for thin plate by Meltec
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Internal integrated production from design support/die making to final product is possible.

Technology highlights

  • Design support: CAD drawing prepared from product drawing.
  • Die making: for stamping/bending
  • Etching
  • Stamping: for stamping/bending
  • Edge face finishing: barrel-polishing/shaving treatment
  • Spot-welding
  • Thermo compression (Diffusion bonding)
  • Umber(Inver) is available from our standing inventory.
  • Others: plate processing/DLC coating

Composite process a la carte

In-house production of all the process is possible.
Diffusion bonding/punching(bending work)/insert molding/spot welding/plating/black treatment (metal)/rolling/heat treatment/adhesion/design and making of a die.

Bending + welding  Spot welding/rolling/bending
Bending + welding after etching. Support for design of die for stamping/bending process.
(Make CAD drawing based on
  • manufacturing drawing)
  Diffusion bonding   High functional black treatment
 Perfect bonding resulting from atomicdiffusion.   Various types of black treatment for low reflection and rust prevension.Able to respond to various needs.
Adhesion   Integral molding of metal and resin
  From spot welding to adhesion.
Attached by double-sided tape is possible.
Integral molding with resin after etching or electroforming. 
 Plating Machine processing
 Flexible surface treatment technology which applies to various characterisity.
Plating and special plating for special material/Rack and barrel types are available.
Designing and cutting work of
metal hub. 
 Wire-cutting Press-bending
Parts made by composite process of wire electric discharge and etching.  Bending process for
tiny etching product.
 Insert molding (star wheel)  Insert molsing (encoder disk)
Double teeth starwheel
(phase shifting type is available)
 Metal + Molded hub