Photo-Etching, electrocasting and punching for thin plate by Meltec

Stamping process (PET film, double-sided tape and etc.)

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1. Stamping for film, double-sided tape etc.

Sheet material such as PET film, double-sided tape and rubber/urethane etc can be punched out with accuracy. Partial half cut is also possible.
Mass production at overseas factories is also possible.

VE proposal・・・Laser cutting without a die for prototype and stamping with a die for mass production.

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Technology highlights

  • Tolerance ± 0.05can be achieved by the special die made by etching method.
  • Achievable tolerance of pattern position is within ±0.01
  • Achievable tolerance of hole pitch within ±0.01
  • Partial half cut is possible.

Processible materials

  • PET film
  • Double-sided tape
  • Rubber/urethane/foam
  • Plastic(P.V.C/fiber/PC/Acrylic etc.)
  • Back light film/diffusion sheet/Reflective sheet
  • Film/ light adhesive film
  • Mesh/bonded textile
  • Metal foil(copper/aluminum/copper-PET/ALPET)

Mass production at China plant

2. Laser cutting

Material Torelance ±0.2mm

Material Max. thickness Notes
PET 0.5mm Possible to cut up to 0.5mm of standard product.
G-PET abt 1mm Possible to cut 1mm
(Small particle can not be cut as it may welt)
PC abt 1mm
Denature PPE・PVC 0.5mm Cutting face will be slightly burnt.
polyimid 0.075mm Cutting face will be carbonized black.
Urethane form abt 2mm Possible to cut more than 2mm
(cutting section will be a slant)
Silicon sheet 0.4mm -
Artificial leather abt 0.8mm -
Double-sided tape 0.6mm Possible to cut when material is PET/plastic/bonded textile.
(Metal can not be cut)
Paper/bonded textile - Possible to cut

3. Stamping for plastic plate

Technology highlights

  • Acrylic sheet can be punched out burr free although it was considered impossible.
  • Max size 960x 600 can be punched out.

Processible materials

  • Acrylic sheet(t=0.1-2mm)
  • Joint sheet of metal and plastic
  • Secondary material such as film
  • Sheet material such as PET, ABS and PC etc.

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